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About Antique Watches


The vintage and antique watch market is booming, and beautiful timepieces have become really desirable accessories. From pocket watches to wrist watches, there is an extensive range of timepieces available and when you know where to look for antiques, you can easily stumble across designs that are too breathtaking to be kept in a box. It is no surprise that so many antique buyers like to wear the watches they purchase and this is one accessory that will never go out of style. 


Why antique watches are popular 


When compared to modern smart watches, vintage and antique watches are popular for several reasons. Older designs are known for being classic and their simplistic and elegant appearance makes them a timeless choice, they will certainly outlive fast-fashion trends. Not to mention, antique watches are often handmade and because they haven’t been mass-produced, you’re unlikely to come across someone with the same timepiece as you. 


Antique watches are beautifully manufactured too and the craftsmanship of old timepieces is incomparable. Like other antiques, watches that were made decades ago were designed to last and quality materials were used within each design. Not to mention, every vintage wrist watch or antique pocket watch will have its own story that can be traced back through generations. The history of the timepieces on the antique market makes them stand out from the crowd and if you have an appreciation for heritage, an antique watch is a brilliant investment. 


Choosing which antique watch to buy 


Narrowing down the vintage and antique watches on the market isn’t always easy, and it is important to choose your timepiece wisely. The right antique watch won’t just look incredible, but it will likely provide a healthy return on investment too. Watches are notorious for becoming more valuable over time and you will be shocked as to how much you can sell a timepiece for when you hold onto it for a few years and keep it well maintained. 

There are lots of things to take into consideration when you’re purchasing antique watches, including your own style preferences, and there are a few basic fundamentals to stick to. Whenever you’re choosing a new timepiece to add to your collection of vintage or antique items:


  • Check the authenticity - the most desirable watches from brands such as Rolex, Jaeger, IWC, Breitling and Omega are frequently replicated, and the market is full of counterfeits. It is really important to ensure the watch you’re investing in is authentic, so do your research and examine the fine details of the watch.
  • Opt for a classic - some antique watches will be more simplistic in design than others and if you’re keen to choose a watch with the potential for a good ROI, always choose a classic design. Makes and models without over the top decorative features tend to be the most popular, and you can’t go wrong with a timeless aesthetic. 
  • Don’t forget about maintenance - generally speaking, working watches are more valuable and more desirable. Not to mention if you want to be able to use the timepiece you buy, it needs to work. In addition to checking the condition of an antique watch, make sure you enquire about ongoing maintenance. You need to know that you can keep up with the required maintenance during your time of ownership. 


If you’re looking for vintage or antique watches to purchase, explore the Eat Sleep Antiques website today. We display a brilliant selection from reputable antique dealers. 

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