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Antique Silver Cutlery

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About Antique Silver Cutlery


Silver is a durable metal that has been used to make everyday items for centuries and it’s always been a popular choice for cutlery.


Not only is antique silver cutlery hard-wearing, but it is also intricately designed and there are so many beautiful individual pieces and sets on the second-hand market. It’s fair to say that antique cutlery is too elegant to keep in a box and displaying antique silverware in your kitchen or dining room can instantly add character and charm to your interior design. 


Different types of antique cutlery 


Antique silver cutlery has been made in huge quantities over the years and there is such a vast selection of obscure and intriguing types of cutlery available to buy.


Some of the most popular antique cutlery items amongst homeowners and antique collectors alike include; 


  1. Antique silver spoons
  2. Antique silver cheese knives
  3. Antique silver serving tongs
  4. Antique silver sugar tongs 
  5. Antique silver grape scissors
  6. Antique silver ladles
  7. Antique silver carving forks 
  8. Antique silver cake servers 


Many are drawn to antique silver matching boxed sets too and they are brilliant to purchase if you would like to use the cutlery rather than just display it. 


It isn’t uncommon for antique cutlery to be passed down through generations and it is a collector's item that often has sentimental value.


Depending on the antique cutlery you own, it may be worth a considerable amount of money too and some silverware sets are very desirable amongst antique enthusiasts.


Factors such as; the age of the cutlery, the manufacture, the design and the weight will all influence the price and if you’re considering selling the antique silver cutlery you own, it’s always important to double-check the current market value of silver. 


Choosing which antique cutlery to buy


Whenever you’re buying antique cutlery, there are lots of different things to consider.


Whether you plan on displaying the antiques in your home, using them for special occasions or restoring them and selling them for profit will have a huge impact on which silver cutlery is best for you to invest in.


Of course, your personal taste and preferences will also play a big part in the buying process too and it’s always recommended that you invest in antiques that you love, regardless of what you intend to do with them in the future. 


If you’re interested in antique silver cutlery, whether you’re looking for an art deco spoon set or a George III knife, be sure to explore the Eat Sleep Antiques marketplace.


We have a beautiful selection of antique cutlery to choose from and there is something for every antique collector on our website. 


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