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Antique Mirrors

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About Antique Mirrors


Mirrors have been used for thousands of years and they have changed quite significantly over time.


The shape and size of mirrors, and the materials used to make them are very different today from what there were in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. 


Whilst mirrors are known for being fragile, they used to be valued possessions and people would take very good care of them, enabling them to be passed down as heirlooms.


This means there is an incredible range of antique mirrors available to purchase and they will continue to be treasured by people for many years to come. 


Why are antique mirrors so popular?


When searching for antique items to display throughout their home, lots of antique buyers will purchase mirrors.


This particular type of antique is popular for several reasons and not only are mirrors functional, but they are aesthetically pleasing too. Large antique mirrors, in particular, are frequently purchased and hung in homes to create a focal point in a room.


Whether you hang an antique mirror above your sofa, fireplace or bed frame, it will transform the look of your room and instantly add visual interest to the space.  


Similarly to other antique items, the majority of antique mirrors for sale will have an interesting history and this makes them even more desirable.


You never know who else will have looked at themselves in the antique mirror you purchase and this sparks a unique interest in this type of antique.


The highest quality materials have been used to make mirrors over the years too and many frames feature intricate designs, adding to the desirability. 


Things to look at when buying antique mirrors 


There is a brilliant selection of mirrors on the antique market, from dressing table mirrors and overmantle mirrors to wall mirrors, and there is something for absolutely everyone.


Even people who don’t usually purchase antiques are often interested in antique mirrors and they are eye-catching items that can stand the test of time. 


Multiple different factors will influence how valuable and desirable an antique mirror is, and it is important to carefully look at the mirrors you’re interested in.


When you’re purchasing an antique mirror, you should always double-check; 


The glass - generally speaking, when an antique mirror has its original glass, it will be more desirable. You can often easily tell whether the glass is as old as the frame and antique glass looks very different to modern glass. Not only is the thickness different, but the colour is too and it will likely have a few imperfections. 



The condition - due to the age of an antique mirror, it shouldn’t be in pristine condition. The majority of antiques will have some visible wear and tear, and looking at the frame can help you to ensure the mirror isn’t a replica. Fading, darkening, scratches and stains are all frequently seen on antique mirror frames. 



The manufacturer - lots of antique mirrors will be engraved or stamped with a name or a logo, usually on the back of the mirror. Looking for manufacturer marks can help you to determine how old an antique mirror is and where it was made. This will also help you to identify whether the mirror is an authentic antique. 



Should you be searching for antique mirrors for sale, take a look at the beautiful antiques we have on the Eat Sleep Antiques marketplace today. 

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