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Antique Lighting

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About Antique Lighting


People often don’t realise just how many one-of-a-kind antique lights and lamps there are on the market.


Whether you purchase antiques to decorate your home or to restore and re-sell, there is an exciting selection of items to choose from within this particular antique category.


The varying trends of past centuries have made the extensive selection of antique lighting fixtures so diverse and there are a number of styles, shapes and colours available to explore.


There really is something for everyone on the Eat Sleep Antiques marketplace. 


How valuable is antique lighting?


Determining the value of the antique lighting items you’re interested in isn’t always easy.


You can’t simply look up the price of an antique lamp or an antique chandelier, and each individual item will be valued very differently.


When you’re trying to establish the value of antique lighting, it’s important to be aware of which factors will influence how much an antique is worth and these factors include; 


  1. Age 
  2. Condition
  3. Rarity
  4. History
  5. Material/s
  6. Manufacturer 
  7. Design features
  8. Quality of craftsmanship
  9. Restoration work


It is always beneficial to speak to an antique dealer about the items they’re selling before you choose which antique you’d like to invest in and this can help you to learn more about the lighting available on the market.


You can then identify whether or not an item is valuable and desirable at this moment in time. 


Tips for purchasing antique lighting 


If you don’t have much experience purchasing antique lighting, here are some useful tips to get you started. 


Firstly, if you’re purchasing a lamp or a wall light, for example, it is always important to double-check that it still works.


Not all of the antiques on the second-hand market will have been well looked after and if you want to be able to use the item you purchase, you need to ensure that it works.


Generally, a working lamp will be more valuable than one that doesn’t work anymore as well, which is always beneficial. 


Pictures can sometimes be deceiving when you’re purchasing antiques and some items can look bigger, or smaller, than they actually are.


To avoid disappointment when your antique light arrives, it is useful to enquire about the measurements of the item.


Getting accurate measurements is important if you’re purchasing a lampshade or a chandelier to use in your home too, and you can then ensure that it will fit perfectly in your intended space. 


When you plan on keeping the antique item that you purchase, it is beneficial to learn more about the maintenance it requires.


Different antique lights and lamps will need to be cleaned in different ways, for example, and knowing more about how to care for the antiques you own will help you to keep them in the best possible condition.


Should you want to sell your antiques in the future, carrying out any required maintenance can prevent you from losing money on an item due to its poor condition. 


Here at Eat Sleep Antiques, we have a brilliant range of antique lighting from various periods of time and we invite you to browse our marketplace today. You won’t struggle to find some new items for your collection on our website. 

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