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About Antique Glass 


Amongst all of the antique and vintage items you can own, antique glassware items are some of the most beautiful. From simple and elegant bowls to ornate and extravagant perfume bottles, there is such an incredible range of items that fall under this antique category. Whether you’re an experienced antique dealer or someone who simply enjoys the craftsmanship of decorative antique glassware, there is something for everyone on the market and you won’t struggle to find some incredible items to add to your collection. 


Why antique glass is so popular 


When compared to the glassware that is on the market these days, antiques are of much higher quality and lots of items from centuries gone by were handmade rather than mass-produced. Often, antique glass is heavier than modern alternatives too. Not to mention, the design of antique glassware like bowls, vases, jugs, decanters and glasses is usually much more intricate and unique. There really is a range of colours, shapes, patterns and styles to choose from, all of which can instantly enhance the decor in any space. 


Not only can antique and vintage glass be a brilliant addition to your home’s interior design, but it can also be incredibly valuable, offering a desirable return on investment. Certain pieces of antique glassware, such as rare engraved glass or cut glass, can be worth thousands of pounds and they will be highly sought-after for many years to come. If you take good care of the antique glass you own and ensure it is well-maintained, there is a fair chance that you will be able to sell it in the future for considerably more than you paid for it. 


Top tips for purchasing antique glass


No matter what your reasons may be for wanting to add to your antique glassware collection, navigating the antique market can be quite difficult. Determining the value of glass can be very complicated and you will need to consider everything from quality and maker to condition and design characteristics to establish whether an item has a good return on investment. Thankfully, there are a few useful tips that can make purchasing antique glass easier; 


Look for pontil marks and imperfections - Lots of antique glass hasn’t been stamped with a manufacturer’s mark, but looking for a pontil mark can help you to identify how old a piece of glassware is. Tiny bubbles or irregularities in the glass can also help you to determine whether a piece of glassware is actually an antique. 


Assess the pattern, style and colour - As you may expect, when an antique looks the same as lots of other antiques, it’s less likely to be valuable and desirable. So, searching for unique patterns, styles and colours is always beneficial. You can learn more about the age of a piece of glassware when you identify the pattern or stylistic details and the colour too. If you don’t know much about the type of glass that was manufactured in different eras, it’s worth getting a professional opinion. 


Don’t overlook single items - It is a misconception that you should always buy antique glass in a set, but having a complete set isn’t crucial to the value of a piece of glassware. If you come across a single drinking glass or bowl, for example, if it is an unusual colour or an uncommon shape, it is still usually worth purchasing. 


If you’re interested in purchasing antique glass, whether you’re a collector of depression glass or carnival glass, explore the Eat Sleep Antiques website today. We display a beautiful selection of glassware from antique dealers across the country and we can help you find the perfect new pieces of glassware for your collection. 


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