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Antique Furniture

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About Antique Furniture


There is such an exciting range of antique furniture available to purchase, from bookcases and cabinets to chairs and sofas, and genuine antique pieces have so much character.


In addition to being a popular investment opportunity, antique furniture is also loved by antique dealers and buyers alike, and many will choose to fill their homes with the unique pieces they come across. 


The benefits of purchasing antique furniture 


Antique furniture has a timeless appeal and you can purchase pieces in confidence knowing they will look elegant for many years to come, especially if you opt for something art deco.


There are so many one of a kind designs when it comes to antique furniture too and furniture hasn’t always been mass-produced.


It is easy to find pieces that will perfectly complement your modern home and bring both character and personality to a space. 


Of course, purchasing old furniture is brilliant for the environment as well and by giving an antique a new lease of life, you will be reducing your carbon footprint.


It’s worth noting that the vast majority of antique furniture is made from high-quality materials and older pieces will often be more durable than contemporary alternatives.


You can continue to use antique furniture for many decades to come when you take good care of it. 


If you don’t want to keep the antique furniture you purchase, you will likely be able to sell it for a profit. Quality furniture is known for holding its value, making it a cost-effective investment, and the value may even increase over time as well.


Every piece of furniture has a unique story and the history of a piece can sometimes make it more valuable. You’re likely to always get a good return on your investment when you purchase desirable antique furniture. 


How much is antique furniture worth 


There are a number of different factors that will influence how much a piece of antique furniture is worth, including; 


- The materials used to make the piece 

- The age of the piece 

- The quality of the craftsmanship

- The condition of the piece 

- The designer or maker of the piece

- The different design features

- The rarity of the piece

- The potential replacements or restoration work 

- The history of the piece 


Unfortunately, it isn’t as simple as looking up the price of antique furniture as every individual piece will be valued differently and you may find that similar pieces are actually drastically different in price.


So, before you purchase any antique furniture, it is advantageous to learn as much as you can about a piece and antique buyers will be happy to answer any questions you may have. 


When searching for a marketplace with antique furniture for sale, be sure to take a look at the rest of the Eat Sleep Antiques website.


We have a brilliant selection of quality antiques available and you can study every detail of an antique piece on our website before deciding whether it is right for you. 

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