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About Antique Collectables


Collectors cherish the antique, vintage and retro items they own and they have a real passion for them. It isn’t uncommon for collectors to collect items solely for enjoyment and unlike other antique items, collectables aren’t necessarily expensive or rare.


That being said, some popular and unique collectables can be incredibly valuable, and when kept in good condition, collectables can have a brilliant return on investment, especially when you sell a number of items together or you sell to the right person. 

What are collectables?


Ultimately, collectables can be any item that someone chooses to collect and the items that are sought-after by collectors are incredibly vast.


Antique collectables can be anything from comic books with original covers and memorabilia from specific events to coins that are no longer in circulation and stamps that were designed for particular occasions. 


One of the best things about antique collectables is how varied the selection of items available is and regardless of your hobbies and interests, there will be a range of collectables out there for you.


Starting a collection is really straightforward too and simply put, you just need to purchase a few items that fall into the same category and over time, you can keep adding to your collection, finding new interesting items to purchase. 


Things to remember when purchasing antique collectables 


Whether you’re looking to collect items that can diversify your current portfolio of antiques or you’re keen to purchase collectables that have the potential to increase in value over time, there are a few things you need to remember when browsing this particular type of antique. 


One of the most important things to take into consideration is that the collectors market is very unpredictable. What is popular and in-demand at the moment in time will have a huge impact on how much you pay for a collectable, and the market really can change overnight.


For this reason, it is recommended that you collect items that you love. This way, even if they’re no longer popular and, in turn, no longer valuable or sought-after, you can still enjoy your collection. 


Growing a collection takes time and if you want to have a desirable collection of antique items, you need to be patient. Whilst you could purchase every item you come across that fits into your collection, it is much more beneficial to wait until you find items that you love.


Being selective with the items you collect won’t only help to stretch your budget, but it will likely make your collection as a whole more valuable and attractive to other collectors.


Just like all other antiques, unfortunately, there are lots of counterfeits amongst collectables and it is so important to avoid items that aren’t authentic.


Purchasing a few counterfeits without realising can reduce the value and desirability of your whole collection, and avoiding fakes is something that you should be proactive in doing.


Take the time to learn more about the items you’re collecting and don’t be afraid to ask antique dealers lots of questions about the items they have for sale too. 


Here at Eat Sleep Antiques, we have a brilliant range of exciting collectables to purchase and we can help you start your new antique collection. Feel free to browse our marketplace for inspiration and to learn more about the different types of collectable items available. 

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