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About Antique Clocks


Clocks are a very popular antique collectable and there is such a brilliant selection of antique clocks available to purchase.


From grandfather clocks and mantel clocks to longcase clocks and wall clocks, there really is something for everyone and you will find a vast range of clocks on the Eat Sleep Antiques marketplace.


Similarly to other antiques, it isn’t uncommon for people to purchase antique clocks to display in their own homes and this decorative item can be the perfect finishing touch to any room. 


Choosing which antique clock to purchase 


There are lots of things to take into consideration when you’re purchasing antique clocks and your intended use for the clock is a key factor.


If you’re an antique enthusiast and you’d like a classic timepiece for your living room, you will likely have different requirements to an antique dealer who spends their time buying and selling rare collectables.


Of course, like all other antique items, personal preference and taste will play a big part in the choosing process too, and not everyone will be drawn to the same antique clocks.  


Useful tips for purchasing antique clocks 


Purchasing any antique can be difficult if you don’t have much experience and doing some research before you hand over your money for an antique clock is always recommended.


Below we have put together some general tips that will be useful as well:


When you’re purchasing an antique clock online, the more information you can gain about the clocks you’re interested in, the easier it will be to make the right investment. So, make sure you’re asking antique dealers lots of questions and finding out more about when the clock was made, who is the manufacturer and what condition it is in. 


It is a good idea to make sure an antique clock works before you purchase it too. Generally speaking, a working clock has much more value than one that is no longer running and if you’re planning to use the clock yourself, it needs to be working.


Always remember that pictures can sometimes be deceiving when it comes to the size of an antique clock. Often, clocks will look bigger than they actually are in images, so checking measurements is crucial. Knowing how big an antique clock actually is will help to prevent any disappointment when you finally see it in person. 


Not all antique clocks are rare and really valuable, and some clocks simply aren’t as desirable as others. If you’re keen to purchase an antique clock that you can re-sell in the future, looking into the provenance and history of a clock is worthwhile, and doing so can help you to predict future desirability. 


Don’t forget that unrestored or unaltered antique clocks are often much more valuable as well. In addition to a clock being well-preserved, having the original glass and all original decorative features is really beneficial. Unfortunately, lots of antiques are poorly restored and this can decrease both value and desirability.


When purchasing antique clocks, whether they’re for you to keep or to sell to other antique enthusiasts, be sure to explore the Eat Sleep Antiques website today. 

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