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Antique Ceramics

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About Antique Ceramics


The process of collecting antique ceramics can be daunting, with so many varieties available. It's difficult to know where and how you should start.


There are so many varieties of antique ceramic out there, so getting to grips with identifying and valuing ceramics is no easy task.


Here we will help you understand more about antique ceramics, and what antique ceramic items are worth, as well as offering a few tips on how you can start your own collection.


Types of Ceramic Antiques


Ceramics come in many forms - from art to tiles to pottery urns and vases. Pottery, which include anything from plates and mugs to pitchers and jugs.


The designs on pottery are often hand-painted or hand-decorated, so it can be a good idea when looking for a unique item. In the Victorian era, it became fashionable for pottery dishes and vases to be decorated with flowers.


Other popular types of ceramic antiques include tiles and china.


How Much Are Ceramic Antiques Worth


There are many factors that determine the value of antique ceramics. One cannot simply look up a price as each individual piece will be different and so they'll worth more or less than an item with similar features


A lot can change from one day to another, depending on market fluctuations for specific types collectibles.


There are a few things to keep an eye on when trying to appraise a certain item.


Designers Mark: When it comes to ceramic items, the designer’s mark is always worth looking out for. Even if two similar pieces have almost identical features and designs but one with a “maker's" or artist logo on them will sell at a higher price than what you would expect from their absence


Condition: When buying or selling ceramics, condition is important. In good shape they can bring in a higher price point but this doesn't mean damaged items have no value at all- if an item has been restored well then that helps with its overall worth.


Popularity: While styles and makers of ceramic goods go in and out popularity, this can affect their value. Because items that are less popular now may be more sought after later on down the road - making them a good investment for those who wait!


How rare is the piece: Rare antique ceramics will always carry extra value and, even pieces with a lot of damage can collect a hefty sum.


Authenticity: Authenticity is an important aspect of any item. If you have a doubt about whether or not your purchase truly originates from the maker/designer indicated on its label, don't hesitate to contact them for confirmation! Here at Eat Sleep Antiques, we only work with approved dealers & their collections.

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