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Antique Boxes

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About Antique Boxes


Antique wooden boxes are very popular collectables and many people will have antique or vintage storage boxes sitting around their homes without realising how valuable and sought-after they are. Not only are these boxes perfect for the storage of various different items, from sewing supplies to cigars, but they are decorative ornaments too. Antique boxes are often intricately designed with beautiful fine details and they make a brilliant present for anyone who is interested in eras gone by or simply enjoys unique and ornate decor pieces. 


Different types of antique boxes


There are so many different types of antique boxes to choose from, including but not limited to;


  1. Antique cigar boxes and cigarette boxes
  2. Antique jewellery boxes
  3. Antique music boxes
  4. Antique trinket boxes
  5. Antique sewing boxes
  6. Antique snuff boxes
  7. Antique stationery boxes
  8. Antique tea caddies
  9. Antique chocolate boxes
  10. Antique table boxes
  11. Antique games boxes
  12. Antique writing boxes


In addition to antique and vintage wooden boxes, there are also lots of antique and vintage metal boxes, and they are just as desirable amongst collectors. Whilst most boxes are designed with one main purpose in mind, they can actually be used in lots of different ways too and just because you purchase an antique jewellery box, for example, doesn’t mean you have to use it for jewellery storage. 


Things to remember when buying antique boxes


Similarly to when you’re investing in any other antique item, if you don’t know much about antique boxes, you might find it difficult to narrow down the options available. Whilst you can simply choose the box that is most suitable for your intended use and that you find most aesthetically pleasing, if you plan on selling your antique boxes in the future, there are a few things that you need to remember and take into account when buying a new box. 


Arguably, the most important thing to remember is that wear and tear is normal. Antiques are over 100 years old and if the antique box you’re interested in is in pristine condition, there is a chance that it is actually a reproduction. Some antique dealers will carry out restoration work on the antique boxes they’re selling to improve the condition, but they should inform you of what has been done before you make your purchase. 


Some antique wooden boxes will have manufacturer's marks and these can be really useful when you’re buying new boxes for your collection. Not only can manufacturer marks help you to determine authenticity and establish how old an antique box is, but they can sometimes affect the value of the box too. Always look at both the bottom of the box and also the inside of the lid when you’re searching for maker's marks. 


This may seem really obvious, but lots of people will forget to double-check whether an antique box opens and closes. If you want to be able to use the box that you buy, you need to ensure the hinges and clasps work properly, and it is beneficial to ask the antique dealer about any required maintenance to keep the box opening and closing smoothly too. 


Here at Eat Sleep Antiques, we have a brilliant range of antique boxes and vintage boxes from various periods of time to purchase. You won’t struggle to find a design you love on our marketplace, regardless of what your personal taste may be, and there is something for everyone amongst the items on our website. 


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